Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A Serious Case Of Valentino Rossi Syndrome In BSB

BSB riders are a rare breed we have the likes of Shane Byrne and Josh Brookes who have the hunger and dedication and have essentially evolved into a sport that constantly changes.

Then there's the rider that's lacks the talent of some, but their hunger is really admirable and they scratch and claw away, hoping one day there chance comes with a factory supported team or at least one with the resources to put a well prepared motorcycle under them.
There is also a few that have what I like to call the 'Rossi affect syndrome'. Who work very hard on fitness, but demand to be as adhered to as Valentino Rossi in the public mainstream. Where they're busy updating us on Instagram mid gym workout, Tweeting they're having a coffee at Starbucks and every other fine detail of their personal life.

It may be what some fans enjoy, but I don't necessitate to know you have done your best PB at the gym or little Frank has learnt to give paw.
There's also this new part of the Rossi affect syndrome. Where riders feel the need making a clique of fellow racers which obviously stems from the VR Academy. Only the riders in the VR academy are not his friends, they are his prodigies.

How can a rider train and spend personal time with a host of riders then on a Sunday hope to have no feelings pulling that last lap move or throwing it up the inside of him with an aggressive move.
Blanking out the academy boys how often do you see Valentino Rossi socializing with other motogp riders away from the paddock?
The answer none! You may see Andrea Iannone pictured on the ranch one or 2 times a year, or when Pasini is helping out with VR46 academy. But never Valentino sitting in a Catolica Cafe feeling the need to inform us.

Look at all the top riders of modern era how many focus their attention on socializing with other riders or posting their personal life on social media for the world to see,
So a number of BSB riders need to shake off this Syndrome and focus on the careers they have left because in preparation for being successful, you need to be 100% focused and selfish

Riders need to battle fatigue and pressure at the end of the day its not the fittest or the one with most mates in the sport that wins. It's the toughest and focused that succeed. Winning professional motorcycle championships will take them to places they've never been in terms of physical and mental stamina.

Hence, if your effort is to live or be loved like Valentino Rossi. First, you need to embark on being successful and that won't happen focusing on showing us your dog or forming a Bromance with a load of other racers.

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