Friday, 18 August 2017

British Stars in Motogp? No

As we all know it's rare we find a British talent come along in the world of grand prix racing.

The bothersome thing is once a British rider finds his way to motogp paddock the fan fair gets rolled out and the motorcycle journalists put them on a pedestal.
Bradley Smith was going to be the next King. Danny Kent was proclaimed to be SuperDan. We have also had Scott Redding, James Ellison, James Toseland and more recently Sam Lowes.

Fact is while they are all very good riders they are not potential motogp world champions or even title contenders. “Danny Kent won a world title” some people may throw at me, and yes he did and what a good moto3 rider he was but when moving up that means zilch if you fail to back it up by doing something in the intermediate class and then MotoGP.

Manuel Poggiali a 125 and 250 champion where did he go after that?

Arnaud Vincent 125 world champion and that's where his career highlights finished, so as you can see winning a grand prix title in moto3 or moto2 promises you nothing for the premier class.

The Spanish have a production line of talent heading towards the promise land of motogp because the CEV series is run to do this.
And most of the riders Britain has in motogp have come through the Spanish championship. Danny Kent, Scott Redding and Bradley Smith all racing in Spain.

The we have 'British riders dominating World Superbike’. Are they going to move to MotoGP and have the same success? No.

Where are all the best Spanish and Italians riders in the World? Motogp and they would have the same success in wsbk.

Its taken Dorna to set up the British Talent Cup to try and give Britain and its riders a chance of success in motogp. A Spanish Company that is funding British Talent.

While Palmer with his yes man has the finances and resources available, they sit and do nothing to help British youngsters.

The fact of the issue is they don't do anything unless it's making them money. Hence why BSB is laden with one make series and no support for the moto3 championship or even a pre moto3 championship.

MSVR will never do what's best for the sport they just do what's right for their bank balance.

So the fact is we don't have any particular talent so the sooner the press stop building riders up to something they can't be, the better.

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