Friday, 25 August 2017

My Top 10 BSB Riders of All Time. PART ONE

Since the inception of the British Superbike Championship in its current guise there has been many riders come and go from the championship. Here I will pick a top 10.

10. Leon Haslam

A rider who has always had the machinery to help him win a title, but is pretty much the modern day nearly man of BSB.

9. Leon Camier

Camier won his BSB title with style, but the only real opposition he had was GSE team mate James Ellison on an inferior bike.

8. Michael Rutter

God loves a trier they say, well he must adore The Blade. Because Rutter tried for years to lift a BSB title, sadly it never happened. If there was an award for enthusiasm Rutter would be a nominee

7. Chris Walker
Chris Walker??? Just add the Leon Haslam and Michael Rutter comments

6. Josh Brookes

Josh entered BSB with a storm, much of it from the incidents that he was involved in.

But as the seasons passed Brookes became the complete package taking the BSB title in 2015. Now the story continues with an impressive season on the Tag Yamaha

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