Monday, 14 August 2017

Sam Lowes and Aprillia

The whole Sam Lowes situation being played out in the media is one sided.

Neil Hodgson continually suggests Sam is being shafted, but for a rider who tested the Aprillia on a number of occasions in 2016 in which Hodgson relayed glowing reports setting the benchmark for the perception and expectations fans would hold.

He got to the first round and his team mate puts the bike top 6 while Sam battles it out for the remaining positions at the rear of the field.

There was a horde of riders moving up from moto2 who have outperformed him also on inferior machines compared to their factory acquaintances. One example, Johan Zarco who led in Qatar.

And since then has crashed on a number of occasions and only finished in the points once, which was a 14th at Le Man

Neil Hodgson continually criticises Aprillia on live TV which will not help Lowes. Followed by Sam's open put down of Aprillia.
This will not endear either to the Italians for a future relationship

I hate to be the one who breaks this to Sam Lowes but the world of Grand Prix racing is not easy. Yet a rider who spends more time moaning and throwing his machine at the gravel thinks he deserves more.
If he manages to find another rider within the premier class he will only be allowed one go at it and if that fails he will be sent packing.

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