Sunday, 17 September 2017

BSB Oulton Park-the Final Word

The Showdown is upon us some love it, some loathe it. But whatever the view it's the way it is. At Oulton Park, today it cannot be won, but it surely can be lost.

Over the course of the last week a lot has been sounded out by riders both in and out of the showdown. Now it's time to back it up out on the track, those out of the showdown who have passed comment on why they never reached it, Need to go out there and show had they realized the cut they'd have been a force.

But the BSB riders in the showdown can look at the championship the way they'd wish it to be, or they can look at the championship the way it is – and the reality is, if they fail by poor result or DNF in race one or two today, they're handing the championship to a rival.

They must be inspired by the challenge. They can’t let the urgency of the situation to deteriorate into panic. They need to use their desperation as a weapon. As we come down to the dying moments of the showdown, every single point counts.

There’s just one way to deal with this pressure. They have to trust themselves, they have to trust their mechanics. They accept to believe in themselves, They have to believe in their mechanics.

If they see it, they can't second guess themselves. Do it, and do it 200 miles per hour. No fear, no wavering.

Rider vs rider. Team vs team. Hopefully never since the days of gladiatorial combat will we have seen a rivalry so fierce.

Enjoy your racing

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