Friday, 8 September 2017

Lorenzo Questions if Valentino is a Great

When interviewed by La Repubblica Jorge 'Blame the Rain' Lorenzo had the following to say

"Dovizioso is, however, very good: if he has not won much in the past, it is because he has found so many level of opponents. If you are lucky enough to race in the most modest seasons you can win 5 or 6 titles and be considered one of the best in history. To whom do I refer? Even in Rossi, his opponents Gibernau, Biaggi and Capirossi were good drivers, but I have won against Marquez, Stoner and Pedrosa the level was very high and winning was very difficult. I do not like having hair on the tongue, it's better to be hated for what you are, that you love for what you are not. Miss Rossi in Misano? No. The riders pass, motorcycling remains. In 70 years Agostini, Sheene, Rossi, Marquez have passed . The MotoGp has remained. Of course, Rossi was one of the most charismatic and attracted more people: but when he stop, motorcycling will continue the same. And Sunday we will run. The public will have fun".

I think at the moment Lorenzo needs to concentrate on his own legacy because it ain't looking to good

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  1. What a prick! When Rossi si retired then i have no interest in Moto gp, Rossi is Moto gp!End of.