Saturday, 2 September 2017

Rossi Leaves Hospital

Valentino was discharged on Saturday morning from the Orthopedic Clinic of the Torrette Regional Hospital, arriving Friday night in the Doric capital, where he was led by the director of the orthopedic and traumatic operation unit Raffaele Pascarella, in collaboration with anesthesiologists Mauro Borioni and Ilaria Valentini, assisted by the nursing team composed by Paolo Duca, Davide Catalani and Moreno Marchetti.

"Valentino rested last night, he was a bit sore but he is fine, he used two crutches, he moved and went to the bathroom alone, walked well and that's why we resigned him," Pascarella explained in one press conference held this morning at the hospital's General Direction. And now? "He will return to normal life, he will not be able to give precise time, because each of us has different recovery times, but I think that Rossi will be able to get back in 30, at most 40 days." Now it's about rehabilitation, which will be held in a private facility where the doctors have already arrived to start rehab in the morning, but will return to Ancona for inspection visits.

Vale thanked all the medical staff for the matter he had before leaving, he was also granted to the Orthopedic Clinic's employees by signing autographs. Rossi also spent 30 minutes signing autographs for fans before leaving for Tavullia.

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